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Flush Albums and Books

CLASSIC ALBUM has been producing flush albums longer than any other company in the world.  What that means for you is experience, expertise and unsurpassed quality.  Today, nearly six decades later, CLASSIC continues to provide Professional Photographers with the most innovative Coffee Table Books as well as Traditional Flush Albums.  Ordering your PRINT & BIND flush albums through user friendly CLASSIC DIRECT online software represents a great savings in time and money.  Optional design services are also available at minimal cost.


Coffee Table (Hingeless)

Today’s most popular album is available in any size and any style!  CLASSIC provides Print & Bind service at extremely attractive pricing while saving you a great deal of time and effort.  Your custom album can be ordered with edge gilding, round or square corners, thin or standard page thickness, scored or slit spreads and unlimited cover choices… including Metal and Beveled Acrylic showcasing a metallic print.  At CLASSIC, the choice is always yours!

  • Scored Pages
    Scored Pages
  • Split Pages
    Split Pages
  • Square Corner
    Square Corner
  • Round Corner
    Round Corner



Traditional Flush

Traditional FLush

For albums showcasing one image per page (side), the traditional Flush Album is still timeless.  Available in any size, the flush album includes gilding in silver, black or gold.  Flush Albums are made with standard pages and rounded spine / corners and can be ordered as Print & Bind or Bind Only.  While many new styles have come and gone, the Traditional Flush Album has endured the test of time and remains a truly elegant showcase.