Classic Album

CLASSIC ALBUM is dedicated to supporting the needs and increasing the profits of professional photographers by providing quality products, personalized service and great value.

In 1952, Classic Album began as a "Mom & Pop" operation with three employees... who were also the three founding partners. Over the next thirty years, Classic would grow to become one of only several custom album companies in the U.S. serving the professional photography market.

In 1995, the ownership of Classic Albums changed hands. New management became dedicated to not only providing professional photographers with the absolute best in quality, service and value, but also to creating new and exciting products. Innovation continues to be a passion at Classic.

At Classic, we are proud to pursue a somewhat different path from that of our competitors. As we continue to grow throughout the U.S. and Canada, we will remain open to new ideas, new products, and new and exciting ways to present your photography. Most of all, Professional Photographers will continue to find Classic Album to be extremely responsive to your needs, your business and most of all... your success!

Classic is eager to "compete" for your album business! PLEASE call today to find out just how much more an album company and lab can do for you and your bottom line.